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With The New Android App Bundle this is the best way to provide resources all tools to help but sometimes looks like you need to end the trade. Between auxiliary devices and a small APK. Now, if you are not using multi APKĀ  helps different screen densities, CPU architecture, and language can be a big part of your app. APK size that’s why we’ve introduced a new format for publishing.

Publish Smaller Apps Android App Bundle

Apps Android App Bundle

Publish Smaller Android App When your app is bundled in Google play, it uses a new delivery process. APKs are called dynamic delivery. Simply put, it only sends parts of your application. Which every user needs. Right now, just using the new app’s bundle format will automatically give to your customers. APK only with language, screen density, and the resources they need. And you don’t need code refactoring for that.

Publish Smaller Android App Bundling theAndroid App is just a matter of time to select the correct build output. When using android studio, you’ll be here to see the option to create a signed app bundle. Choose to create a bundle instead of an APK, provide your key, select the destination folder, and you’re done. After that, you will have your shiny new app bundle. You will also need to sign in to the google play app to sign in to the play console.

Android app:

Publish Smaller Android App bundle means there will be smaller downloads for your audience and easy architect management in the play console for you. The bundle is a single, comprehensive architecture that you upload to Google play instead of an APK. Multi-app competition, an app bundle provides users with small apps and is easy. To manage because it is the only construction model.

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