Intro To Android Android Developer Fundamentals

I welcome you all in this android developer fundamentals. you are going to learn about android application development from very scratch this particular slide, that contents in the introduction to android content will tell you about the Android ecosystem, the android platform architecture, android versions, challenges which we face in android application development, and the basic building blocks of android itself.

Android Developer First of all, let’s just talk about what exactly is android. Android is an operating system, you get this right. But is that all it is? It is actually a stag base, Linux comes under the hood, there is a Linux kernel. What is the Linux kernel? We all know. It is it acts as an interface between your hardware and your software. So here we are using Linux kernel, not the mac, not windows. As android is an open-source environment, an open-source ecosystem.

Intro to Android Developer Fundamentals

Intro to Android Developer Fundamentals

What are other things? Like you can have a cool user interface, like touch screen sensors, and we all know, android is covering more than 80% market right now when it comes to smartphones. And, we have different ways to connect your android now. Android Developer Not just as smartphones. We have cool android watches, or we call it android wear, TVs, and android autos, so in your cars and right gears. And there are more than two million Android apps in the google apps, play stores now the cool thing, the best thing which the developers are going to like.

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