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Watch BBC News Apk Live TV Apps for Android – Download APK Apps. The BBC’s World News television channel has been officially banned from broadcasting in China, a week after the UK’s media watchdog stripped the Beijing state broadcaster of its license in Britain. . Watch the best live news TV channel in Angola. Watch BBC News Live TV apps for Android Last Wednesday the new BBC News app for mobile and tablet devices was launched. The BBC promised it would be a “great experience”, however App Store reviews are less than positive with an average rating of just 2 out of 5 stars and some very angry critics.

BBC News Apk TV App For Android

BBC News Apk TV App For Android

Watch BBC News Live TV Apps for Android The BBC News app brings you news from the BBC and our global network of journalists. Using white space and large images makes the app less cluttered and easier to use. However, the tradeoff of using larger stories means that scanning the headlines requires a lot more scrolling to find the stories you’re interested in, which can be frustrating. The app appears to have taken on a more editorial role by telling users what’s important rather than letting users decide what they think is important.

Watch BBC News Live TV Apps for Android. The app also offers BBC World Service radio live streaming, social features, and customization so you can rearrange news categories based on your interests. The biggest advantage of this app over some of the other news apps is the BBC’s focus on world news. It is well designed and the developers made great use of the iPad screen when creating this app. If you’re interested in what’s happening outside the US borders, you should try BBC News on your iPad.

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